Book on Your Favorite Airline

Fly Over Mexico

Land in Auckland

Drop Bags at Hotel & Start Sightseeing!

Then Relax with Sea Views

See your First Sunset DownOver

Plan Getting Here & Your Pacific Vacation

Getting excited about a destination experience is the first step towards planning a great vacation. The easiest decisions you make in life will be the ones that you do not have to talk yourself into! Next step is to design & build your vacation around the 8-Day Taste of NZ Tour. Research suggests the average length of a vacation for the people of Texas is 14 days. We therefore suggest flying direct to New Zealand & staying the first 2 nights in Auckland City before the tour begins. Enjoy a trip to Hobbiton or city sightseeing & island hopping. Then after completion of the 8-Day fly back home via a few days stay elsewhere as you are all the way DownOver it would make sense to visit another country. We recommend the Cook Islands such as Rarotonga, located in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Zealand, between French Polynesia & American Samoa or on one of the Pacific Islands while small in size, are big on enjoyment. Sydney & its Opera House is always impressive if Australia is an option. Once your desired vacation is clear then plan your trip-write it down. Keep the overall travel plan simple & book your 8-Day Tour first then flight & accommodation asap - make sure your passport is current & you have travel insurance. Then enjoy counting down the days until you leave!


Start your Kiwiana experience flying with a Kiwi crew. We are proud to recommend Air New Zealand as our preferred flight carrier offering a direct fight from Houston to Auckland. Flying high, Air New Zealand has continued its winning streak in the airline of the year awards, with its inflight innovations, young fleet and improvements in all cabin classes helping it claim the top spot. What is really impressive is that Air New Zealand has continually innovated in the economy cabin, where most of us travel. The Skycouch and its premium economy are standouts that give thrifty travelers choices and more comfort. 

Flying direct from Houston to Auckland takes about 14 hours traveling East to West crossing the date line so you also gain a day. Crossing from West to the East, and you lose a day therefore you arrive in Houston on the same day you left Auckland. Watch 3 movies, enjoy 2 delicious meals dinner and breakfast, then sleep for 6 hours and you are there!


Upon receiving confirmation of your booking on the 8-Day Taste of NZ Tour either online, through your travel agent or by phone our team of travel concierges are set in motion. We want to ensure you have arrived safely into New Zealand and experience immediately our superior service. It's Door to Door, Warm to Warm Handshakes!

A Personal Airport Travel Concierge will warmly greet you at the flight gate upon your arrival into the country and escort you through customs, baggage collection and introduce you to your Private Chauffeur who will then take you to your chosen Auckland Hotel in uptown or downtown CBD (Central Business District). 

On the morning of Day 1 of the tour your Private Chauffeur will meet you again in your hotel lobby to escort you to our Twin Coast Discovery Tours Mega-50 Coach where the Coach Captain and Travel Concierges will be waiting for you. From there you will be in our care for the next 8 days. How wonderfully fabulous this experience is going be!