Day 4: Immerse in NZ's History - In the Beginning

A tour is not complete without an opportunity to learn about or relive the famous historical moments of the places you visit. After the Waka experience, we take a short ferry ride to the seaside town Russell Island, a historic yet romantic town for a walk back in time - In the beginning it was the "Hell Hole of the Pacific." Explore this island & further by foot, bike, boat or kayak. Spend all day on a private beach or get back to island hopping & shopping.

It's Waka Time! Hop in and paddle the Ngapuhi Cultural War Canoe the Maori way! Too much fun! This interactive Waka experience provides a rare and unique insight into the largest Maori tribe in New Zealand ancient customs, rituals and traditions.

Refreshing Rascals and Reprobates since 1827 and located on the waterfront of Russell, the Duke of Marlborough Hotel offers an outstanding restaurant for lunch. Holding New Zealand's first liquor license, this historical beauty has been lovingly restored and offers her visitors a great place to relax and unwind. 

After lunch take your time wandering around this quaint charming historical town that was the first permanent European settlement and sea port in New Zealand but once a lawless open port known as "Hell Hole of the Pacific.  There is a multitude of ways to access its hidden gems.

You can cycle the Twin Coast Trail through diverse and stunning scenery with spectacular views. A fascinating journey through some of New Zealand’s earliest Maori and European settlements. Story boards along the way bring to life the history and stories of the local people. However, if you opted for another land, sea or air excursion then you will head there after lunch. Play the challenging and stunning cliff edge 18-hole golf course with beautiful sea views at every hole or take advantage of the additional range of tour options under the add on excursion menu tab.

This is your last evening in the Bay of Islands and is free for you to enjoy dinner at one of the Paihia Village Waterfront restaurants and bars. We recommend the freshest fish n chips, seafood and the gigantic Kiwi burgers! This is your choice time.


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