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Kia Ora & Welcome to Twin Coast Discovery Tours NZ

We are an exclusive touring company showcasing Auckland, New Zealand's largest city & Northland, home to the world renowned stunning & unique Twin Coast Paradise - absolutely picturesque. Our tour packages surprise & delight in an elegant way giving both an experience & interaction for our international guests with the land & the people that live there. New Zealand, the South Pacific's Triple Star - 3 islands of beauty lying beneath the Southern Cross. Crystal Clear Waters, Green Rolling Hills & White Sand Beaches - a spectacular land of nature that is Barefoot Safe with No Snakes! We are sending y'all in Texas & USA a loud invitation to C'Mon DownOver & Mega-Tour with us. Fly direct from Houston to Auckland. Time to take your boots off & walk along our sand. "Tumeke" - it means Awesome!


Tucked away in the South Pacific is Northland - regarded as the birth place of New Zealand. The first Maori Voyagers arrived on its shores more than 1,000 years ago. It truly feels like a world away from city life. It's extremely impressive.

Come tour with us by land, sea & air to discover its stunning Twin Coast Paradise. Do it our way because without a doubt, it is the best way. 

These 8-Day "all inclusive" Taste of NZ Elite & Gold Mega-Tours have been well-designed by Tex-Kiwis, venturing to hidden gems you would not normally see, giving you an exclusive opportunity to explore the pleasure and excitement of the East Coast & the West Coast all in one tour! 

Our Coach Captains & Tour Concierges offer personalized presidential service excellence with a journey of photographic footage, world famous Kiwiana and amazing excursions topped with boutique accommodation. A tour designed to revitalize & give great aesthetic pleasure to enrich your lives.

Tourism is about people, so we offer up close Maori traditions & promote a level of interaction allowing you to connect with a culture that you may have been curious about but have never met, only to find vast friendships await.

The gregarious Kiwis will charm you with their island nation southern hemisphere hospitality, adventure, food & wine. Kiwis want to share this special land by offering you a personalized tour like no other, where the blue sea follows you wherever you go, from remote island locations to seaside towns & the Southern Cross lights your way in the evenings, after a spray of glorious sunsets - it is a trip of a lifetime.

As you travel with us around these most glorious romantic coastlines you will find this spiritual wonderland is full of History, Myths & Legends. It's a Twin Coast Discovery! So, come on Texas & USA, get this very special vacation off your bucket list & C'Mon DownOver to meet the Kiwis! Time to lounge in a new experience!



Get away for a day to enjoy a showcase of the Twin Coast Paradise Mega-Tour destinations on & off the Twin Coast Discovery Highway Scenic Route, famous for it's attractiveness. Ideal for locals or visitors to the Northland who are looking for "something special" that will fit their time schedule. Our Coach Captains will entertain you throughout the tour with Maori myths & legends of the region. Private Customized Tours are available on request. Perfect for those traveling on their own, couples, organizations & groups.

Glass Kitchen Brunch & Sculpture Trail Half Day Tour, escaping into a morning of color, whimsy and wonder.

 A Taste of the North Wine, Cheese & Choc Half Day Tour, bubbles of afternoon fun for everyone especially the ladies!

Tui Kiwi Cave Bay of Islands All Day Tour, a true Glowing and Simply Wonderful Kiwiana day.

Summer: December, January and February
Autumn: March, April and May
Winter: June, July and August
Spring: September, October and November


"Only the Best Travel East to West" so C’Mon DownOver to New Zealand, the Pacific's Triple Star!

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