Spiritually Fascinating in the North

Heavenly Romantic in the East

Elegantly Charming in the West

It's Your experience

8-Day Tour Experiences - Unforgettable & Unique Excursions

He aha te mea nui o te ao. What is the most important thing in the world? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is the people, it is the people, it is the people. Tourism is about the people so that is the priority.


Do you think this is good?

Do I think what is good?

You know, going around in a boat looking at stuff?

Yes, I do. It's called sightseeing!

Are you coming up?

What's up there?

The view!

The view of what? Down here? I can see that from here.

You are the worst tourist in the whole world!

There is no such thing as the worst tourist only the worst tour! Later the disgruntled man bumped into a beautiful woman from the area and they connected over coffee. She shared the history of her medieval restored town and her life there. While listening to her charming stories he was surprised and delighted at how suddenly beautifully interesting the buildings and the people around him became. He suddenly felt happy. He needed more than a window view of this land. He needed a unique experience to know he had made the right choice in traveling there. Connecting with the people that lived there one person at a time was his "something new". 


Traditional coach touring usually encompasses long distances quietly sightseeing on and off a coach. Some tourists like to look at something quickly and others want to stay longer because they like it there. Often it is the people you meet on these types of tours, your fellow guests that are the most memorable while the tour just happened around you. 

Our tour will most definitely happen to you and coach friendships will be an excellent by-product. Sightseeing from inside our coaches is wonderful as we prepare you for each stop with information about the history, the people and what awaits you there, so you can become familiar with your new surroundings and comfortable in asking any question to satisfy your curiosity. You will be extremely safe because you are with people that belong there. We want you to feel the different temperature of New Zealand and have those real unique experiences which you can only do that by stepping off the coach so naturally the tour is designed to be off the coach most of the time. This tour attracts visitors that want to slow things down a little, enjoy being pampered, are offered a choice of excursions and are looking for an interactive experience in a different country so meeting the people that live there in a fun and memorable way is important. 

Two countries are like two people coming together so the greeting is important, ideally one that is picturesque and photogenic just like our extraordinary island rainbows.

We offer the people from Texas warm handshakes with the Kiwis, so they can get to know each other. Their humor will have you laughing out loud!  We take care of our guests, so they will trust us. We add incredible experiences to the Kiwi environment our guests are interacting in so friendships can happen because these two cultures are 95% alike! We involve the Northland community, so they recognize our tour ensuring a warm welcome for you when you arrive in their towns. To bring our Texan guests an even greater unforgettable experience we offer additional inimitable private excursions that are deemed rare, extraordinary, unique or incredibly remarkable in nature giving our guests the opportunity to truly celebrate life's wonders or provide a well-deserved reward or gift of love. They are truly special & increase the elegance of the tour.

"The tour is like a really good book with eight great chapters! You want to tell everyone about it."

"It's like Texas Hill Country where during the day there are so many things to do and in the evenings you get to appreciate where you are!" 

"New Zealand is now my favorite avatar. A true wonderland".