Tex-Kiwi - Media Releases & Events

A loud invitation through a country song has been extended to Texas with great warmth to C'Mon DownOver to New Zealand, the Pacific's Triple Star. A Mega 8-Day Tour has been designed & customized for the pleasure of people living Texas. The Twin Coast Discovery Tourism vendor hosts will be flying both the New Zealand & Texas flag to greet our guests from Texas. We have posted media releases to express the excitement the Kiwis are feeling to meet y'all & also share with you how these 2 countries are already becoming closer through increased personal & business relationships across the Pacific leading to a cross pollination of knowledge & the exchange of ideas.


Twin Coast Discovery received wide media coverage in Northland New Zealand for its Grand Opening!  Read about it here

Twin Coast Discovery Tours introduces Texas to local Mayor of Kaipara New Zealand! Read about it here 

Warm Greetings From Austin TX

Texas Beef Arrives in NZ

TCDT Director Visits Texas